Collection: Misdye Thread Bundles

"We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents." - Bob Ross

Sometimes (okay, often)...a batch of hand dyed thread goes awry, despite our careful formulas and best efforts. Sometimes dye lots shift over time due to changes in our dye stock and materials, and an "older" dye lot needs to be retired. Hand dyeing is equal parts chemistry and mystery. A batch might be the wrong color, it might have some small imperfections such as a lighter patch in one area where the dye did not take as well, or it might have some dye "texture" or areas of light and dark which are more contrasting than we typically strive for.

These batches of thread didn't quite pass for their original intended purpose, BUT in the right project, or if you don't care about matching one of our permanent colors, they can still be perfectly usable and beautiful!

Please check the listing description for amount of yardage/packaging details. Some are offered as one-yard cut bundles, and others are offered as continuously wound hanks.

Because we are able to save the labor of carding the skein, misdyes are EXTREMELY DISCOUNTED per yard compared to thread skeins!

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