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      Cross Stitch Fabric

      Due to high order volume and supply shortages, our dyed to order fabric has a current production time of a minimum of 8 weeks. Belfast 32 ct linen, Edinburgh 36 ct linen and Aida 16 ct are completely out of stock for new orders, with an unknown arrival date from distributor. Orders containing these fabrics will take longer with no firm estimate - we apologize for any inconvenience, please order at your own discretion

      Some fabric colors have been temporarily unavailable due to COVID-related worldwide shortages of certain dye pigments. Many of our turquoise/blue hues are affected as there is a global shortage of these pigments. As of the beginning of August 2020, our main dye supplier in California is back under lockdown. This has affected our supply of dye pigments and there are some fabric colors we cannot currently provide as a result.