Let It Snow - A Free Design

Let It Snow - A Free Design

Here in Missouri we're hunkered down for an unusual snow day...no studio time for us! There's always plenty of administrative work to catch up on, but we also thought it'd be a fun day to share a free (and very appropriate) design we created last winter but never had time to finalize - Let It Snow!

This design is charted for DMC with some Colour and Cotton suggestions - it'd be a great way to experiment substituting some colors from your C&C stash. We think this cute little snowman would look great on a soft blue or gray fabric (just be sure there will be enough contrast with the white stitches when selecting your color.) King's Blue from the December fabric club would be a great choice.

The finished size is approximately 4 to 5 inches square depending on your chosen fabric count.


Please feel free to share, but please retain the source in any posts.

Stay warm, my friends!


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Thank you!!

Denise Laurel

Thank you!! It’s so cute!! ☃️

Ann Henderson

Thank you so much! It’s absolutely adorable!!


Thank you so very much


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