Color Conversion: Autumn Rules by Primrose Cottage Stitches

Color Conversion: Autumn Rules by Primrose Cottage Stitches

I have an autumn finish! In looking through my stash after dyeing the August and September thread color palettes, I knew that Autumn Rules by Primrose Cottage Stitches would be an almost effortless conversion for the autumn-themed threads.

I stitched this piece on 36 ct Haystack linen from our July neutral fabric club.

Here are the thread color changes I made:

Original Called For Colour and Cotton Substitute
DMC 471 Leaf Piles
DMC 498 Red Delicious
DMC 732 Pine Needles
DMC 739 Scarecrow and Haybale (see notes)
DMC 782 Broomstick
DMC 783 Maize
DMC 839 Pecan Pie
DMC 919 Bonfire
DMC 921 Bittersweet
DMC 3371 Black Oak
DMC 3853 Pumpkin Pie
DMC 3863 Pinecone and Sugar Maple (see notes)


For the most part, I followed the substitutions above, but I broke my own conversions on a few motifs and areas:

  • For the squirrel in the "Go on a Hayride" section, I used Sugar Maple in place of the charted substitution color
  • In place of DMC 739, I used Haybale for the white pumpkin in the very bottom section. I used Scarecrow for the "apple" text in the "Go Apple Picking" section.
  • I used Pumpkin Pie for the "Autumn" text at the very top.


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I don’t use DMC threads, I use Anchor floss which I really like. But I love, love, working with over-dyed threads. Love the conversions you made on this pattern. Can’t wait to do this as I have the pattern but need to get some of the threads.

Mary Ash

I love this color conversion. I saw it on Facebook and I ended up placing my first order. I’m hoping the few colors that were out of stock will be back soon. Can’t wait to start this one.

Nancy V

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