Color Conversion: Little Deeds Sampler by The Scarlett House

Color Conversion: Little Deeds Sampler by The Scarlett House

Recently I finished Little Deeds Sampler by The Scarlett House with a complete Colour and Cotton conversion - I love the way this sweet little piece turned out! 

My fabric choice was 36 ct Winter Wheat linen, but any neutral toned fabric will be lovely so long as it provides just enough contrast with the white thread. The March 2023 Neutral Club color - Renaissance - would also be a great choice.

I used two strands of thread over two (I know...I like denser coverage on 36 count!) using the following conversion:

Original Called For

(CC = Classic Colorworks)

(WDW = Weeks Dye Works)

Colour and Cotton Substitute
CC Blackbird Rustic Black
CC Polliwog

Kindling (for flower basket and brown flower within basket)

Pinecone (for everything else)

WDW Garrison Green Pine Needles
WDW Chestnut Coffee Bean
CC Sunkissed Champagne
CC Cherry Cobbler Red Fox
CC Snowball Pearl White
I chose to use two different substitutes for Classic Colorworks Polliwog (stitching the floral basket with Kindling and using Pinecone for all other areas marked with that symbol) but you could omit Kindling. Champagne is only used sparingly for the skin of the two figures and for part of a flower, so the DMC equivalent of 3774 would be just fine.
Another note regarding the date, if you were wondering - I finished this piece this year (2023) but as the mini cartouche is originally charted, any 2020-something date doesn't really fit. While I could have reworked and widened the border a bit to accommodate the wider numbers, I instead just picked another year which has significance to me!
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