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Colour and Cotton

Misdye Thread Bundle (20 Yards) 1003

Misdye Thread Bundle (20 Yards) 1003

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This batch was originally supposed to be Locomotive, but it turned out a bit too dark but also has some small areas where the dye took on some greenish variation (please see the photo toward the bottom.) The greenish areas are a tiny bit splotchy when viewed across the entire hank of thread, but would probably make a neat aged effect when stitched.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, a batch of hand dyed thread goes awry. It might be the wrong color, it might have some small imperfections such as a lighter patch in one area, or might have a bit more "texture" than our thread typically has. 

These batches of thread didn't quite pass our stringent quality control standards, BUT in the right project, or if you don't care about matching one of our permanent colors, it is still perfectly usable!

Each package contains 20 yards (cut in one-yard lengths) and the price "per yard" is discounted. They are not packaged on a tag - the yards are neatly folded in a clear bag.


Unless specifically noted, all of our inventory is in stock and ready to ship to you immediately - usually on the same or next business day!

Fabric Dimensions

Standard hand dyed cross stitch fabric sizes (pre-dyeing measurements, some shrinkage does occur):

  • Fat Eighth (1/8) Yard = 13 x 17 inches
  • Fat Quarter (1/4) Yard = 17 x 26 inches
  • Fat Half (1/2) Yard = 26 x 36 inches
  • Full Yard = 36 x 54 inches

Colorfastness Information

In general, we recommend to always spot test hand dyed fabric and thread for color bleeding if you plan to wash your completed projects. Hand dyed materials are not guaranteed to be fully colorfast and some residual dye may remain in the fibers.

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