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  • Misdye Thread Bundle 1001
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Misdye Thread Bundle 1001

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This batch was supposed to be Ruby, but the darker areas turned out too dark and slightly more textured in some of the transition areas between the light and dark colors.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, a batch of hand dyed thread goes awry. It might be the wrong color, it might have some small imperfections such as a lighter patch in one area, or might have a bit more "texture" than our thread typically has. 

These batches of thread didn't quite pass our stringent quality control standards, BUT in the right project, or if you don't care about matching one of our permanent colors, it is still perfectly usable!

Each package contains 20 yards (cut in one-yard lengths) and the price "per yard" is discounted. They are not packaged on a tag - the yards are neatly folded in a clear bag.