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      December 9, 2020

      Hi, stitchy friends! Grab a cup of tea or hot cocoa and settle in for what might be a long update, we just wanted to check in and let you know what Colour and Cotton will look like through the end of the year...can you believe 2020 is almost in the books?


      As most of you know, we are still working our way out of the great fabric shortage and are plugging away at the fabric backlog. When supply chains started to grind to a halt in early spring, we NEVER imagined that it would take this long for fabric supplies to recover, and truthfully, fabric supplies are no better now for us than they were in March. Zweigart, the manufacturer of our fabric, is a full four months behind in production. Coupled with unprecedented demand from shops, dyers and customers, we have been unable to keep the normal fabric reserves on hand which usually prevent any wait time on the supply end.
      Because we don't see an end to this issue any time soon, we don't feel that a dyed to order model is sustainable right now heading into 2021. As we close in on the backlog and cross colors fulfilled from our list, we'll continue on with our transition in the new year to ready to ship fabrics! Our highest priority is taking care of these pending orders, and keeping our clubs on schedule as best we can. We hope you understand, but there are so many upsides to this change for our customers - same or next day shipping, better dye lot consistency, the ability for us to bring you fresh and seasonal colors as well as large batches of your favorites, and greater efficiency in our dyeing process.
      We will of course work with designers and customers to ensure that any colors currently used in designs are still available at all times (and there will be an emergency "special custom order" provision...) We are REALLY excited about this change! More info to follow.
      FORTUNATELY, we received several huge fabric shipments last week and the week prior. This covered the majority of what we were short! It was a series of exciting deliveries, but it also does mean that, by my last check of the production system, we have over 2,013 pieces of fabric to cut and prep for dyeing, LOL! Thank you for bearing with us. We know that many of you have been more than patiently waiting and we are very sorry for any inconvenience - if you need to modify or adjust your order in any way, we are always happy to do so.
      We will also begin posting in more detail which colors are on our production schedule for the week, so that you can track along with what we are completing! Also, for our own sanity, it will be fun to "celebrate" crossing a completed color batch off the list!


      Supply shortages have greatly affected our subscription shipping club schedule as well the last several months, and we'll be making a few tweaks to get back on schedule in January and beyond (eliminating dyed to order fabric will help with supplies!) Info to specific club members will be sent directly for any changes to December's shipments. You can always see where things stand with each month's shipment overall on our "current updates" page.
      We have received a lot of inquiries as the when the wait lists for each club will open back up. Given the shortage of supplies, we have not felt it would be responsible of us to open the clubs just yet - the last thing we would want would be to run short of materials and get further off schedule as a result! It is our sincere hope to open things back up in January. We may need to open spots in waves over the course of a few months to keep things manageable, as we have approximately 2,000 people on our club wait lists! You guys are simply amazing.


      Many of you have been following us know that in August, we found the perfect new and much larger "home" for our business. After months of negotiating and construction, we finally will be getting the keys a bit ahead of schedule on December 15! We've honestly been so busy that I'm not sure it's fully hit us yet, but we cannot wait for the ability to expand our production volume (and to be able to walk freely without navigating around boxes and piles of things as though we're playing Pac Man.)
      Logistically speaking, it's probably the most inopportune time for us to be moving, but we're thinking positively and we're going to get it done...somehow! We have some extra hands as well to help, which is a godsend. We can't wait to share some sneak peeks with you.
      I know we have asked so much of you this year, and I could not be more grateful for how understanding and encouraging our customers have been. In what has been such a wild year for us all personally, and for all small business owners, it has been a great comfort to know that our community is so resilient and supportive of one another. 
      When you support our business, not only do you support four+ employees, but also all of the other amazing vendors, distributors, designers and local businesses we in turn work with as well. All of the changes we're making are decided, first and foremost, with our customers in mind, and we are excited to bring you the best that we can in 2021.
      Have a safe and happy rest of the week, friends!