Guide to Fabric Types

Making a fabric choice for your cross stitch project can be a bit overwhelming.  Here is a complete guide to the different types of fabric commonly used in the cross stitch world.  Many are available through our shop:


Aida  6, 8, 11, 14, 16, 18, 20 counts - A 100% cotton fabric perfect for all types of cross stitch.  An excellent easy-to-count fabric, yet allows fine details. 
Aida - Country French 14 count - Cotton Aida weave with a soft texture, ideal for baby quilts, clothing or washable items needing draping ability.
Aida - Hand Dyed 100% cotton hand dyed Aida.  Hand dyeing produces variation in shades of color and no two piece will be exactly alike.
Aida - Pearl Linen 14 count - 60% polyester, 40% linen
Aida - Rustico 18 count - 50% cotton, 35% rayon, 15% linen.  Fine Aida fabric in a country look for more detailed counted cross stitch.
Aida - Yorkshire 14 count - 96% cotton, 4% polyester.  The polyester gives the fabric its "heather country" look making it the ideal fabric for country and rustic designs.

5 count - Diamond-Stitch, 100% cotton canvas is used for coarse cross stitch work.

9 count - Linen Aida in 100% cotton

10 count - Antique colored Penelope Canvas in 100% cotton.  For fine details the double threads can be split into single threads to make petit-point.  Its excellent quality is suitable for furniture coverings, handbags and other commodities.

22 count - The Petit-Point Mono Mesh Canvas is 100% cotton.  Suitable for all kinds of canvas embroidery.  Excellent for petit-point.

Cavas - Interlock

10, 12, 13, 14, 18 counts - The standard quality in 100% cotton is suitable for all kinds of embroidery threads.  The choice of thread depends on the count of the canvas.  Embroidery techniques using this canvas are limitless.

Canvas - Deluxe Mono

10, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18 counts - 100% cotton in white or brown canvas.  The quality corresponds to Penelope with a similar polished twist.  It can be used for all stitches.

Canvas - Waste 6.5, 8.5, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18, 20 counts - 100% cotton and used as an aid in applying a design to a non-evenweave fabric.  It is basted onto the fabric and then is ready for cross stitching.  On completion of the design, dampen the embroidery and remove the canvas thread by thread.  Counting is made easier by the appearance of a blue thread every 5 stitches.
Congress Cloth 24 count - Mono canvas in 100% cotton suitable for all kinds of canvas embroidery including traditional petit-point.
Davos 18 count - Made of specifically selected 100% cotton twist yarns, this fabric is suitable for almost every type of stitchery.  Ideal for clothing, pillows and other items in which a soft, supple look is desired.
Fiddlers Cloth 14, 18 counts - 50% cotton, 42% polyester, 8% linen.  Fabric has a rustic look.
Floba 14, 18, 25 counts - Fabric is woven from a superb combination of 70% rayon and 30% linen threads spun together.  Ideal for use in which a rustic, homespun or natural background is desired.
Hardanger 22 count - 100% cotton evenweave fabric originating in Norway.  It is woven with a double thread (counted as one.)  When used for cross stitch, it is usually worked over 2 threads thereby making it an 11 count.  It is used for hardanger embroidery, cross stitch, blackwork and other counted thread techniques.
Hearthstone 14 count - 60% cotton and 40% linen.  This fabric creates a natural look.
Heatherfield 10, 16, 26 counts - 100% polyacrylic gives the fabric a soft, warm feeling.  Heatherfield fabrics are very versatile.  Minute color flecks are woven throughout creating the "heather" look.  Can be used for many stitching techniques.  Idea for afghans, pillows or placemats.
Jazlyn 28 count - 52% cotton and 48% rayon.  Soft to touch, easy to stitch on with soft drapability.  Perfect fabric for cross stitching and other needlework projects.
Jobelan 16, 20, 25, 28, 32 counts - 51% cotton and 49% rayon with an elegant, soft, smooth sheen.  Great fabric for cross stitching, hardanger, pulled work and other tehcniques.  Use for samplers, pillows, table linens or other projects.
Jobelan - Aida 14 count - 51% cotton, 49% rayon/modal.
Jobelan - Aida Hand Dyed 14 count - 51% cotton, 49% rayon/modal.  Hand dyeing produces variations in shades of color and no two pieces are exactly alike.
Jobelan - Hand Dyed 28, 32 counts - 51% cotton, 49% rayon.  Hand dyeing produces variations in shades of color and no two pieces are exactly alike.  Gives added dimension to needlework.
Jute 4, 10, 12 counts - 100% jute suitable for various crafts.  Very coarse for natural, rustic looking decorations.  Can be used for freestyle embroidery and is wonderful for tree skirts.
Klostern 7 count - A beautiful blended fabric of of 60% rayon and 40% cotton.  The open weave of this fabric allows for many stitching possibilities including ribbon weaving.  It is ideal where a fabric with body is required such as placemats.
Linda 27 count - This 100% cotton evenweave fabric is perfect for clothing because of its close weave and draping effect.  A light weight fabric with an easy care finish.  Excellent for table linens, samplers and fine clothing.
Linen 18, 22, 26, 28, 30, 32, 35, 40 counts - 100% linen, a cellulose fabric made from the flax plant.  Linen is known to be the world's strongest natural fiber.  Fabrics are woven with a high quality natural flax fiber giving it the classical linen elegance.  A perfect fabric for samplers, pulled thread, hem stitching, drawn work and cross stitching.  Cross stitch is often worked over 2 threads on linen but can be worked over 1 thread as well.  
Linen - Aida 14 count - 100% linen.
Linen - Betsy Ross 10 count - 100% linen woven in a unique fashion (similar to Aida weave) to give it the old rustic look.  Ideal for "tired eye" projects as well as any design of your choice.
Linen - Belfast 32 count - 100% linen.  Its fine weave makes it very suitable for delicate designs. 
Linen - Cashel 28 count - 100% linen.  Perfect for all counted embroidery techniques, including hardanger.  An elegant linen with a soft touch.
Linen - Cork 18 count - 100% linen.  It is a good choice for coarser linen embroidery such as cross stitch, but also drawn and pulled thread work.
Linen - Country French 28, 32 count - 100% linen.  Soft texture and draping ability.  Excellent for reproduction samplers, cross stitch and drawn and pulled thread work.
Linen - Dublin 25 count - 100% linen.  It is an excellent fabric for cross stitching, hem stitching, drawn work and all types of counted thread work.  Ideal for samplers and table linens.
Linen - Edinburgh 36 count - 100% linen with a fine stitch count.  The fabric is woven for hem stitching, fine cross stitch samplers, blackwork and drawn thread work.
Linen - Glasgow 28 count - Heavy weight 100% linen.  Use for any linen project.
Linen - Hand Dyed 28, 32 counts - 100% linen.  Hand dyeing produces variations in shades of color and no two pieces are the same.  Gives added dimension to needlework.
Linen - Hardanger 16 count - 100% linen
Linen - Pearl 14, 18, 20, 25 counts - 60% polyester and 40% linen provides an excellent feel in hand.  Hardanger, cross stitch and other embroidery techniques stitch easily.
Linen - Silk 28, 32 counts - 80% linen and 20% silk.  Elegant feel, heirloom fabric with rich color.  For all types of counted and drawn thread work.
Linen - Weavers Non-evenweave fabric - 62% linen and 38% cotton.  Used for crewel or punch needle embroidery.
Loomspun 14 count - 70% polyacrylic and 30% linen.  The Aida weave fabric gives texture to any design and the natural color gives the fabric a country, rustic look.
Lugana  25, 28, 32 counts - 52% cotton and 48% rayon.  An elegant fabric for table linens, samplers, pillows and other decorative accessories.  It is an easy care fabric perfect for cross stitch, drawn thread work and other counted thread techniques.
Lugana - Metallic 20, 28 counts - 51% cotton, 44% rayon, 5% metallic.  Adds sparkle to decorative accessories.
Muslin 100% cotton, non-evenweave.  Used for punch needle and crewel embroidery.
Perforated Paper 14 count - thick paper used for counted cross stitch, often for ornaments and other small decorative designs.
Quaker Cloth 28 count - The linen/cotton combination makes this fabric a perfect medium for the new linen stitcher because the threads are easier to count than 100% linen.  Perfect for samplers, pillows and placemats.
Salem Cloth 14, 26 counts - 50% polyester and 50% rayon.  This blended Aida weave fabric is perfect for any type of project.
Tilla 10 count - Composition 55% rayon, 40% cotton and 5% metallic.  Same as Tula with the addition of woven-in lurex threads.  Very interesting for Christmas wall hangings, tree skirts, and other holiday ideas.
Tula 10 count - 60% rayon and 40% cotton.  A very similar look to Klostern with a finer count.  This fabric is perfect for pillows, pictures, placemats and tablecloths.