Thread FAQ

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Q: Are your hand dyed threads colorfast?

Yes! Threads are dyed using professional textile industry dyes which adhere to the fibers by chemical reaction. Hand dyed fibers are triple rinsed after dyeing to remove any loose dye which may not have adhered to the fabric during the dyeing process, preventing color from bleeding.

Q: Is there much variation between dye lots?

I do my best to maintain color consistency, but dyeing is an art form affected by many factors, some of which cannot be control, such as humidity, small variations in dye powder from manufacturers, etc.  Small differences between dye batches can occur and we suggest purchasing all threads needed for a project at one time if possible.  When ordering multiple quantities of a colorway in a single order, you will always receive skeins from the same dye lot.

Q: Can I request a custom thread color?

At this time I am unable to fulfill custom thread requests from individual customers.  

Q: If I am a designer, can I use your threads in my chart?

Yes!  I welcome collaborations with designers - please email me at for more details.

Q: How can I change or cancel my monthly hand dyed thread subscription?

Your subscription will automatically be linked to your customer account; simply log in to your account from the link in the top right corner of our website, and you will see a link in the left-hand menu to adjust your subscription.  Be sure that you have created a customer account at - it is possible to order a subscription without creating account, but you can create a customer account after placing your subscription order at any time.

Of course, if you have any issues with the instructions above, simply drop a note at and it will be taken care of it ASAP!