Fabric FAQs

Here are a few commonly asked questions about our fabrics!


Q: Is your fabric colorfast?

A: Yes! All of our fabrics (and threads) are colorfast and lightfast. We use a professional textile dye that bonds to the fabric at the molecular level, providing a permanent fixed color. We rinse until any excess dye not bonded to the fabric is removed. However, we do recommend that if you are stitching with any other fibers which may not be colorfast on our fabrics that you use caution in washing your final project.

Q: Are the edges of the fabric finished?

A: We serge the edges of all of our stitching fabrics to prevent fraying. Our quilting cottons are not serged, but are trimmed after dyeing.

Q: Do your fabrics have any kind of scent?

A: No, we use a scentless and natural textile detergent specifically formulated for use with professional dyes.

Q: How should I store my hand dyed fabric?

A: Our fabric arrives to you in a plastic sleeve to protect it during shipment, but we do not recommend long-term storage in plastic bags. Over long periods of time, direct contact with plastic may discolor your fabric. This may also happen with any kind of hand dyed fabric clamped in a Q-snap frame over a long period of time. We recommend storing your fabric in a way which will allow your fabric to breathe.

Q: Why are some colors not available in certain fabric types?

A: We list each of our fabric types by colorway separately, as not all colors are available across all fabric types. We have chosen to do this as we'd like to depict the color of the fabric you'll receive as accurately as possible, and variations between colorways across different types of fabric (evenweaves, linens and aida) can be wildly different! 

Q: Which brands of fabric do you dye?

We use Zweigart linens, evenweave and aida exclusively, except for Jobelan, which is produced by Wichelt.

Q: How long will it take to receive my fabric?

A: Our fabrics are dyed to order, please refer to the current production time at the top of our Fabrics page. We make every effort to process your order more quickly, and we may already have small "extra" cuts on hand from previous dye runs which are ready to ship. Orders with multiple pieces of fabric may take the full production time listed. You will receive a shipment notification when your order has been mailed!

Q: Do you accept custom fabric requests?

A: We are happy to discuss custom color and size requests! Please email us at orders@colourandcotton.com.