About the Dyeing Process

Colour and Cotton hand dyed fibers are created in small batches, also known as dye lots, to ensure quality.

Environmentally-Friendly and Non-Toxic Dyes 

My dyes achieve colorfastness through chemical reaction, not toxic additives.  The molecules of the dye adhere to the molecules of the fiber to create a lasting bond that will never wash out or fade.

I have a very personal commitment to making as little impact on the environment as possible through my business, and am happy to say that all of the products used in my dyeing process meet the following criteria:

  • Products not contain any substances regulated as pollutants pursuant to the Clean Water Act (40 CFR 122.21 and 40 CFR 122.42).
  • Products do not contain any chemicals listed as harmful as part of California's Proposition 65.
  • A non-toxic, alcohol-free and solvent-free textile detergent is used during the washing process.

Dye Lots: Because my fibers are dyed in small batches, there may be slight variations between dye lots.  It is recommended that you purchase enough fiber for your entire project at one time.  All quantities of fiber listed in my shop at any given time are from the same dye lot.  After the dye lot has sold out, the colorway will appear as sold out until restocked with a new dye lot.  If you need more of a particular colorway than what is currently available, I am always happy to dye a special lot for you in a single continuous skein.